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Selected Bibliographies: The History of Communism in Eastern Europe, Volume III, Estonia

Preis: €29,90

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Wiebke Jürgens (Publ.)
Volume III, Estonia
Berlin 2009
Paperback, 14 x 21 cm
225 Pages, 29,90 €
ISBN 978-3-940452-66-5

Prologue by

Dr. Olaf Mertelsmann

(Docent for contemporary history,

University of Tartu)

The third volume in the series "Selected Bibliographies: The History of Communism in Eastern Europe" by the OEZB-VERLAG features a comprehensive overview of German, English and Estonian literature on Estonian History between 1917 and 1991. The book presents the most significant publications since 1991 following up on political history as well as economic, social and cultural developments, from the beginnings of Estonian sovereignty to the dissolution of the soviet union and the consequentially regained national independence.

The Republic of Estonia looks back on a turbulent century, its events left an imprint on the political spehere that can still be felt today. The yearning for sovereignty, originating in the national awakening in the late 19th century, for many years stood in contrast to politics and ideology of neighbouring major powers, particularly the soviet union.

This overview of relevant literature was comprised with the goal of helping scientists, students and interested readers with their research in mind. It is structured so as to highlight epoch-specific key aspects and is complemented by a chonology of Estonian history and a personal register.


Wiebke Jürgens, (1984) Degree „Baltic Studies“ - TU Hamburg-Harburg.

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