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Selected Bibliographies: The History of Communism in Eastern Europe, Volume II, Hungary

Preis: €29,90

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Tytus Jasku?owski,

Detlef W. Stein (Publ.)

Volume II, Hungary

Berlin 2008

Paperback, 14 x 21 cm

212 Pages, 29,90 €

ISBN 978-3-940452-44-3

Prologue by

Dr. Árpád v. Klimo (Historian, University of Potsdam)

The second volume in the series "Selected Bibliographies: The History of Communism in Eastern Europe" by the OEZB-VERLAG features a composition of largely hungarian publications of the postwar era, which were published after 1989.

With the help of mostly monographic references, complexly depicting the hungarian process of coming to terms with it's past in almost a thousand entries, interested readers may get a sophisticated overview of issues ranging from political and social history to economics, literature, science, media, religion, church, education, domestic and foriegn affairs, security and military. In the featured memoirs, recollections and biographies, scientific historiography takes a step back and subjective experiences are highlighted. A large number of publications - be they biographic or autobiographic - depict personal accounts and approach memories of painful experiences under the communist dictatorship. A variety of books and articles describe experiences inside hungarian and soviet labour camps.

About the publishers:

Detlef W. Stein, Degree in history, Head of the Osteuropa-Zentrum Berlin, Managing director of the OEZB-Verlag.

Dr. Tytus Jasku?owski, Degrees in Political Sciences and Economics, Promotion 2006, OEZB contributor; scientific contributor at the Hannah-Arendt-Institute for Research on Totalitarianism, TU Desden.

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