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Zeitzeugen im Gespräch, Part 1: Hildegard Rauschenbach: "Forgive, But Not Forget"

Preis: €16,90

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DVD-Collection Zeitzeugen

im Gespräch, Part 1

Hildegard Rauschenbach

Forgive, But Not Forget

Back then deported in the Ural Mountains,

today on the way to reconciliation

120 Minutes, 16,90 €

ISBN 978-3-940452-59-7

Production: Detlef W. Stein

Participation: Olga Strauss

Rene Mentzel

Kamera/Schnitt: Margarita Stein

With the DVD-Collection "Zeitzeugen im Gespräch" (witnesses tell their story) the OEZ Berlin-Verlag publishes video productions regarding European history of the 20th century.
Hildegard Rauschenbach tells about her humiliation she suffered during the invasion of the Sowjet army in 1945 in East Prussia and the following forced labour in Siberia. Deported with other women, she survived three years of hard labour in the camp Schadrinsk.
In the course of an event conducted by the Osteuropa-Zentrum Berlin in the STASI-MUSEUM in December of 2003, which constitutes the main part of this film, Mrs Rauschenbach reads from her many autobiographical books and tells her memories. The issue of deported women to do forced labour in the Gulag was made a taboo subject in post-war Germany. In 1984 her first book "Von Pillkallen nach Schadrinsk" Rauschenbach discussed this issue. In her works she pleads for reconciliation of the nations, saying, it is their duty never to forget unjustice.
77-years-old, she was awarded for her efforts in reconciliation with the Bundesverdienstkreuz.
One of her most important requests was the errecting of two mermorial stones in remembrance of the dead victims of camps in Siberia. In Berlin-Neukölln, on the Garnisonsfriedhof is one, in a forrest near Schadrinsk the other granite stone. This is "visible evidence for reconciliation", as Mrs Rauschenbach says.

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