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Museums and Memorials of Communism in Europe, Part 3: RESEARCH AND MEMORIAL SITE SIGHET IN ROMANIA

Preis: €12,90

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DVD-Collection Museums and Memorials of Communism in Europe, Part 3:

Research and Memorial Site Sighet in Romania

45 Minutes, 12,90 €

ISBN 978-3-940452-62-7

Production: Detlef W. Stein

Camera/Editor: Margarita Stein

The town Sighet in Rumania is located near the Ukranian border and populated by 40.000 citizens. The prison was build in 1894. During the time of communist dictatorship (1944-1989) the structure was used to imprison thousands of political opponents, who were committed to fight for freedom and democracy. After the communist coup in 1944 many top level party leaders of the non-communist movements and the intellectual elite were taken into custody, tortured and killed.
In 1974 the complex was closed because of its dilapidated structure. In 1997 the civic movement ALIANTA CIVICA and the national association of former political prisoners presented a plan for the usage of the building. The forming of the ACADEMIA CIVICA in 1994 by civil rights protesters helped to put this project into practice. The directors of the board of this association were committed to develope this project and were able to receive financial help from the EU since 1996. Local departments supported the project in many ways.
The memorial for the victims of communism in Sighet is not only a reminder for future generations, but also already today an essential meeting point for everyone interested in this historic period of the Rumanian people. The presented material includes documents, maps, justice sentences, law books and personal documents of former politcal prisoners.

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