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Museums and Memorials of Communism in Europe, Part 2: THE MUSEUM „HOUSE OF TERROR“ IN BUDAPEST

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DVD-Collection Museums and Memorials of Communism in Europe, Part 2:

The Museum „House of Terror“ in Budapest

50 Minutes, 12,90 €

ISBN 978-3-940452-60-3

Production: Detlef W. Stein

Camera/Cutting: Margarita Stein

The museum "House of Terror" was opened in the Andrássy Street 60 in the centre of the city of Budapest after a two-year preperation on February, 24th 2002. The education site moved to the location, which was in earlier times occupied by totalitarian regimes of the national socialists and communists. The history of both organisations is being portrayed next to each other. Their lust for all-consuming, centralist authoritiy is being examined. Crimes of the hungarian "Arrows Cross Party" and the holocaust as well as suppression and crimes of the communist regimes are shown.
The History of this country, including the European development of the 20th century is being passed on by a modern and sophisticated presentation including high technological standards and impressive designs, open for imaginative interpretations of visitors.
Dr. Maria Schmidt, director of the museum, informs about goals and the initiative for setting up the museum, which was visited by 2,4 million visitors.
Laslo Balas from Budapest talks in detail - in German language - about the national political situation in the People's Republic of Hungary of the 50s and the protest in the autumn of 1956, where he was actively involved.
This video production is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about Hungarian history of the 20th century.


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