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Museums and Memorials of Communism in Europe, Part 1: THE KGB-MUSEUM IN VILNIUS

Preis: €9,90

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DVD-Collection Museums and Memorials of Communism in Europe, Part 1

The KGB-Museum in Vilnius

20 Minutes. 9,90 €

ISBN 978-3-940452-61-0
Production: Detlef W. Stein,
Camera/Cutting: Margarita Stein

Initiated by associations of former prisoners of the communist regime, in 1992 the museum for the victims of the genocide was founded in the centre of the Lithuanian capitol Vilnius. After the sowjet occupation in 1940 the structure of the present museum was used by the secret intelligence service (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs). In the same fashion from 1941 till 1944 the building was of use for the german GESTAPO. From 1944 till the end of the sixties again the NKVD and KGB imprisoned opposing enemies. Since 1997 the "Museum of Genocide" is a part of the national scientific centre for genocide and resistance.
The structure was completely redeveloped. Apart from reconstructed prisoner cells, there are a couple of exhibitions on the political suppression, mass deportation and the resistance against the communist dictatorship.
Watching this DVD opens up the opportunity to take a walk through the exhibition and to get informed about how Lithuanians deal with their communist past. For these the museum is a symbol for the fifty-year-long occupation by the Sowjet Union. It collects, maintains and presents historic documents that prove the physical and psychological genocide against the Lithuanian people. It also reflects the dimension of resistance, by honoring their efforts in fighting for independence.


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