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The Legislation of the Bolsheviks

Preis: €19,90

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Hermann O. Klibanski

The Legislation of the Bolsheviks

(Reprint of 1920)

Berlin 2009

Paperback, 16 x 24 cm

242 Pages, 19,90 €

ISBN 978-3-940452-55-9

When Klibanski's work was first published, the Russain civil war was in full spate. The Extent of this bloody struggle that was claiming millions of victims, due to immediate violence, raging epidemics and the horrific famine of the year 1921, was in no way clear yet.

In this climate, all sorts of interpretations of the revolution were growing rampantly - rational and even more so, irrational ones, which ominously were about to gain influence. Of the latter, particularly the early ideologies of national socialism by Dietrich Eckart, Max-Erwin von Scheubner-Richter and Alfred Rosenberg are noteworthy, which established the ideologeme of "jewish bolshevism" in German political discourse, the most devastating consequence of which was to be the Holocaust. Klibanski's approach in its objectivity contrasts itself pleasantly with those ideologies.

First and foremost, Klibanski wanted to shine a light on the unsettling events that were taking place in the east, recognizing that Germany could not remain unaffected by them. Still he realized that when he finished his work, in February 1919, neither the Russian nor the German revolution had run its full course.

With an epilogue by Dr. Jürgen Zarusky (Munich)

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