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Croatian Political Refugees and the Western Allies

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Bernd Robionek

Croatian Political Refugees and the Western Allies.

A Documented History

Berlin 2010

Paperback, 14 x 21 cm

402 Pages, 24, 90 €

Revised second edition

ISBN 978-3-940452-67-2

The ruling class of centralist Jugoslavia provoked protests among Croatian federalists and seperatists, resulting in the emigration of hundreds of mostly young Croatians who wanted to escape the strict rule of the royal regime in the late 1920s. During the 30s these political emigrants began establishing networks abroad.

This book, being based on primary sources, takes the reader on a journey with the political refugees. From the founding of the
Ustaša underground militia by Ante Pavelic in Italy during the phase of agitation by Pavelic's right hand man Branimir Jelic in Europe and America, to the returning of the Ustaše from Italy and its rise to power and control of the Croatian state during the war.

The second part of the book features previously undisclosed documents in the possesion of the British national archive, vividly depicting the Croatian political refugees' story within the allied sector during the second world war and in the immediate aftermath. They touch on a variety of aspects, resulting from a broad spectrum they allow these refugees to speak for themselves.

Bernd Robionek was born near Hannover and has majored in Eastern Euopean history. He specialized in Jugoslavia and conducted extensive research into political emigration from Croatia.

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