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Escaping the Claws of the Cheka. Recollections.

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Grigori Bessedowski

Escaping the Claws of

the Cheka. Recollections.

(Reprint of 1930)

Berlin 2009

Paperback, 14 x 21 cm

256 Pages, 24, 90 €
ISBN 978-3-940452-13-9

Grigori Bessedowski's memoranda detail his experiences as a USSR diplomat in Tokyo, Paris and Moscow in the 1920s. With great attention to detail he vividly describes his function within the delicate diplomatic aparatus in these times of turmoil. Bessedowski reveals dealings between funcionaries, characterized by intrigues both within and outside of party lines. In this system of arbitrariness and patronization friends are rewarded while enemies are crushed. The political realist's struggle against the so called "instance" politicians (ideological, unobjective members of the politbureau) reveals the fragility of diplomatic relations.

Apart from the characterization of the political state of affairs Bessedowski also outlines his regard for country and culture of his operating site. With his linguistic talent, he acquaints himself with japanese culture is able to duly appreciate the curiosities of this strange country.

As an emigrant in exile Bessedowski in this reprint of 1930 also details his mortal fear at the end of his service in Paris, when his was persecuted for voicing critical opinions about the SU-Regime.

The rendition of Bessedowki's story is complemented by a biographical register, a glossary and a chronology of USSR history.

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