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The red Terror in Russia 1918-1923

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Sergej P. Melgunow

The red Terror in Russia 1918-1923

(Reprint of 1924)

Berlin 2009

Paperback, 14 x 21 cm

408 Pages, 19,90 €

ISBN 978-3-940452-47-4

Prologue by
Prof. Dr. Leonid Luks
(Historian, Catholic University of Eichstätt)

Among the biggest problems of the bolshevik regime, constituted in 1917 was its lack of legitimacy. The elections of the constituent assembly which took place a few weeks after the coup d'etat ended in a debacle for the bolsheviks. They attained only 24% of the vote.

Therefore this institution, which singularly represented the whole of the populace, was brutally disbanded by the bolsheviks, thus foregoing all democratic legitimization of their regime. From this point on they could only secure their supremacy through force.

As a historian and dissident politician in the czardom
Sergej Melgunow in 1907 founded the centrist "Socialist People's Party", which in these ideologically polarized times remained too moderate and thus, unsuccessful. His monograph is a charge against the brutality of the bolshevist regime after the october revolution, which at times systematically, at times arbitrarily with the help of uncontrolable groups like the "Cheka" terrorized "domestic enemies". Hundreds of thousands of alleged members of the political opposition were murdered this way to enforce the monopoly of power by the bolshevists. Megulnow with his own life in danger fled to his exile and published his observations and experiences, at first in Russian (1923), later in German (1924), in which he followed up on the bloddy trail the bolshevist dictatorship left behind on its way to establish its power. As a convicted socialist he was able to expose the allegedly populist ambitions and promises of the new rulers as hollow, ideological platitudes. On the basis of their atrocities Megulnow proves their real agenda: The establishment of their power through fear and terror.

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