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Bulgaria - History and Culture, Part 1: "The lovely Scent of Roses fills the Valley"

Preis: €12,90

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DVD-Collection Bulgaria –
History and Culture, Part 1

„The lovely Scent of Roses fills the Valley“

Impressions from the Rose Festival in Karlovo

40 Minutes, 19,90 €

ISBN 978-3-940452-18-4

Production: Detlef W. Stein

Camera/Editing: Margarita Stein

In Cooperation with BG-TV Berlin

At the heart of Bulgaria, in midst of the beautiful Rose Valley lies the the city of Karlovo. The city has become well known as the birthplace of the famous revolutionary und freedom fighter Vasil Levski (1837-1873).

From May to June the scent of roses permeates the entire valley between the
Stara-Planina and the Sredna-Gora mountains. Bulgaria is among the biggest rose oil producers in the world. The soil and climatic conditions are particularly well suited for growing roses. Winters are short and mild and spring is long and warm. For more than a hundred years, every first sunday in june the Rose Festival is celebrated, surrounded by magnificent rose fields.

The solemn procession starts in the rose fields with traditional cotumes and kukeri masks, accompanied by folk music until it reaches the center of Karlovo. It is lead by the rose queen,
accompanied by her six "rose princesses".

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