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The System Unfreedom. Deported From The DDR - Freedom in West Berlin

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Jo Strauss

The System Unfreedom.
Deported From The DDR -
Freedom in West Berlin

Berlin 2011
Paperback, 14 x 21 cm - 9, 90 €
ISBN 978-3-940452-26-9

About the autor
Jo Strauss, born 1935 in Berlin is a marketing expert and has been writing prose and poetry for more than 10 years. So far five chapbooks and five novellas were published, as well as contributions to several anthologies. He is a member in the Free German Author’s Association and lives in Berlin.

About the content
DDR 1985: A Berliner married couple is landing at the airport Berlin-Schönefeld after their vacation in Bulgaria. A special check-up of all persons by the border police lessens their gladness to be back in their home country. A few days later the political secret police Stasi confronts them with their son’s escape to West Germany.

And with this they get drawn into a maelstrom of harassment and chicanery by the Stasi, who are instructed to convict them for aiding in the escape. Interrogations and psychological terror that go on for months seem to leave no other choice but to leave the country and move to West-Berlin. The couple after some months is suddenly deported to the west – but they lose all their belongings to the socialistic regime. Their attempts to start a new professional life there after the loss of their jobs in the DDR fail initially. Within a few years hereafter a dramatic fate about a fresh start and new domestic happiness takes its course.

An authentic EAST-WEST story, movingly described by the author.

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